Wednesday 31 October 2018

Baking Post N0.27- Happy Third Anniversary, y'all!!

Hello boys and girls and welcome back to another post!!

As mentioned in the title, today's post is in honour of the three year anniversary BakingBoutique has sustained on Blogger.

How did it all began?

BakingBoutique was initiated through the works of Blogger and a passion for baking I wanted to share. At first, I wasn't expecting the amount of attenion I receive today which, for your information  I am very much grateful for and now when I post, I feel honoured to bring you all another recipe because you all really apperciate it too!

How is the third year different to the other two?

When I hit one year of blogging, it felt surreal, as if time had never passed. By one year, I felt like I had grown and evolved so much but knew there was more to come. Once BakingBoutique reached two years 1. I realised just exactly how bad I was at baking and taking photos 2. That I reached a milestone and despite my downfalls and slight infrequency of posts, I made it in the ed. But now that I've reached a third year, I feel like I'm on cloud nine but also feel very nervous. I'm really happy that now my journey through baking has been documented and evolved over the course of three years. I like to think I've done more than I imagined I could. But at the same time, I'm quite apprehensive on what's to come, on whether I'll be able to carry on with my journey through cooking and my journey through blogging. Will I lose some of you on this continuous journey and how much more of you will join. There's also a lot of doubts and worries in my mind(perhaps it's due to me being in a weird mindset over the past month). 

What can we expect next?

Well obviously Christmas is very much on it's way and I also have other posts planned, hopefully I'll be able to produce them before 2018 comes to an end.

Are you still planning any collaborations?

At this very minute, no. But yes, definitely for the future. I definitely would like to feature someone else's writing and baking on this blog sometime soon, while I still have any bit of time left.

Without further ado, below is a compilation of all the 

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