Saturday 25 March 2017

Baking post N0.5 - March Food websites Favorites


Firstly, I apologize for the lack of baking posts over the past couple of weeks. As I said previously, I am due for a piano exam, which shall occur next Wednesday. By then, hopefully, I'll be back to normal,schedule-wise.

Transferring swiftly onto this week's post, I do not believe I have ever proceeded a "Food Websites Favorites" on this blog before. I stimulated my blogging creativity from a fellow food blogger, The Simple Sweet Life- a link of her blog will be left to your curiosity below.

Without further ado,let's jump right in.
Source:Ruby Violet

In no particular order , my food favorite(in the form of a database) is Ruby Violet. Being an artisan ice cream parlor locally, it is the destination for wonderful,inventive flavors as well as classically-made ice cream. As the saying goes :Time and tide wait for no man-go and hop over to their website.
Source: Ruby Violet

Next up is Tregothan Tea. Being Britain's ONLY tea producer, its estate in Cornwall makes up to 35 varieties of tea. That and the fact that they own the U'S largest charity Garden Open Weekend. If you happen to be in Cornwall sometime in April, take the time to visit Tregothan Tea Estate.

Source:Fuschia Dunlop

Descending down my list of food websites is Fuchsia Dunlop. Whether you originate from an Asian background or not, she is the first and foremost expert on western world cuisine. She's dedicated her knowledge to a food blog for years and years and never fails to bore me.
Yummly's logo

Coming across the following on my own conscious is Yummly.
This website is a cool, innovative,creative website, brimming with recipes from baking sites globally. In my opinion, it's your best ticket to the world of recipes. I downloaded the app onto my tablet and signed up to their mailing list to keep in touch with tantalizing, mouth-watering dishes. I recommend this website to experts in cookery or tho those who want a change in their everyday cooking.

Dedicated to lovers of Cake Craft is Cake Craft World. The website consists of the title- a world of cake craft, sold at a reasonable price, appears to be exceptionally impressive.

Proceeding from Cake Craft World is It is the first website that comes up if you type baking into your search engine. This proves the simplicity of finding the website. The website includes an endless result of recipes for all occasions. There are even ideas for upcoming Mother's Day.
Source: BakingMad
Gingerbread Pancakes

Succeeding from BakingMad is Top With Cinnamon. An artistic, aesthetically-beautifully baking blog with top-notch recipes. 

With a change of rhythm is a change of gender. Ed Kimber,also known as "The Boy Who Bakes" is accountable for his own food blog which squeezes my creativity juices. He amazingly manages to close the gaps between female bakers and male bakers.

Picture:Edd Kimber

An ode to a cake
Last but not least, a recent favorite food website of my own is "Call Me Cupcake". Call Me Cupcake is home to the Swedish home baker and photographer, Linda Lomenio. If you also happen to be a fan of photography and baking, look no further.

Alright, that's a wrap on this week's post. Prior to this post ending:

Links to websites:

The Simple Sweet Life

Ruby Violet

Tregothan Tea

Fuchsia Dunlop


Cake Craft World

Top With Cinnamon

The Boy Who Bakes

Call Me Cupcake


Peanut and Banana Caramel Cupcakes with Peanut Brittle.


Red Nose Day   

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The sun's coming out more which gives me an excuse to start bringing out those books again.

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Saturday 18 March 2017

Post No.4 2017 - One Lovely Blogger Award

Hello everybody!

First and foremost, I apologize for my short-termed absence on BakingBoutique. As I had explained in my last post, I am due for an upcoming piano exam in 11 days, which I have been especially  prepping for.  This also explains my absence on my social media. Therefore, I apologise.

Proceeding swiftly onto this week's post, I have been kindly nominated for the "One Lovely Blogger Award", requested by inspirational bloggers, Hale and Aleeha! Depending whether you came across my previous blog posts on plans for 2017,  my  intentions are to involve myself in more tags and posts such as this one. With that being said, this nomination is a great opportunity to  commence such plans. 

The rules which apply for the following are pretty basic to follow:

Compose a post , based on the award

Share 7 facts ,regarding you

                                  Nominate up to 15 bloggers

                                 And lastly, inform your nominees of their                                      nomination.
That's about it so now let's jump right into this award.

7 facts about myself:

  • I am literally the most organised person out of my entire Year group, apparently. Not to brag but it's a fact.

I adore the following social medias:

Tumblr        Pinterest     SnapChat    and   Instagram

  • Unbelievably, away from the computer, I am an en pointe, aspiring ballet dancer who simply cannot live without dance or any form of activity in life.

  • I suck at Art (and I'm not just saying that, it's simply just a fact).

Source: Unknown

  • A hobby I particularly like to do in my spare time is crafting. I watch a bunch of craft videos everyday on YouTube and it always inspires me to make something unnecessary for my room.

  • When I was in Year 2, I fractured my nose after a dramatic jump on the monkey bars and had to wear a plastic cast over my nose for around 2 weeks (so embarrassing).

  • From the age of 4 up until 9, my obsession was nothing but Bratz. Bratz dolls, movies, books,TV episodes, magazines, video games. EVERYTHING! 

I would love to continue an exceedingly long lists of facts about myself but I've hit seven facts and I intend to nominate a few bloggers. So...

TargetGirl - first of all, I love her blog name.


DaisyPetals- I'm rather fond of her blogging style!

Iris - the most relatable-funniest blogger I know.

Anael - I encountered this blog late last month and discovered exactly how much I have in common with Anael!

Stella - I follow her on all the social medias I have. She's my loyalist reader, actually.

Todaysouhalia - I also follow her on my SnapChat account.

That's about it. If I haven't managed to feature any of my other close blogging friends , I apologize. This doesn't mean that this post isn't open to you all. Feel free to participate in this award. 

Prior to this post ending:

Below is one YouTube Channel where I receive multitude of inspiration for crafts:

I now have my own personalized URL for Google+. Go check it out here:→ #sweetreats   


Other YouTubers I have encountered:

Lydia Elise Milen

Bethany Mota

Breanna Rutter

50 reasons why being a girl is the best thing ever!

Disclaimer: I typed up "girl tumblr" onto Google Images and this was the first image to come up.
For more information on my hopes for 2017, click here:→💜

Credits to the following bloggers:

TargetGirl - 

MarinaWrites -

DaisyPetals -

Iris -

Anael -

Stella - 

Todaysouhalia -

Hale -

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That's all from me this week! See you soon!

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