Sunday 16 January 2022

Recipe Post 2022 - No.2 A Goal Without A Plan Is A Wish

Bienvenue tout le monde!

I hope you all had a lovely New Year, and are rearing to go!

When a new year comes around, especially after the previous years we all have had, it always seems to spark an new enthusiasm to grow more positive and aspire to become even better than before. So, when I came across the following quote "A Goal Without A Plan Is A Wish", struck out to me as the remedy to fixing the inevitable. As the years have
passed, quotes do not tend to usually influence my moods and decisions as much as they used to. However, seeing this quote was the very reason why I decided to  go ahead with explaining what my goals for BakingBoutique are in 2022, hence why I put the quote in the title, in the hope of influencing someone else the same way it had for me.

1. I would like to elevate this blog to the new era of clean eating. I suppose you would question how a blog designed for baking sweet treats aims to do that(don't worry I have a few ideas up my sleeve). 

2. Of course this blog continues to be authentic to its title and the theme of suavity of my recipes as I definitely favor sweetness over saltiness. However, I would like to explore savoury- tasting bakes to broaden my culinary knowledge and share those aspects as well. 

3. I still would like to make my recipes accessible to everyone, no matter what level of baking you are at and everything is fool-proof - I usually test a recipe first before uploading it to ensure that. 

4. For me, posting is definitely more about QUALITY over quantity. Of course consistency is important, however without the quality, I would not be happy with the content I am posting to the world, which is more important.

Although I am ending this post on a short note, I feel this is a good preview on what to expect, without giving away too many surprises! 

My last thoughts:

Please take inspiration from the purpose of today's post and this quote, in order to start working towards desired targets and goals:

Song of the month:

Steven Lacy - Dark Red

Recommended website: If you would like the latest updates with the baking world, I would recommend the following:

Let me know in the comments what you plan for the month, or for the months ahead?

C'est tout pour moi ! A la prochaine !


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