Saturday 20 February 2016

Recipe Post 2016 N0.4- My list of best baking books...ever!

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I hope you enjoyed last week's post and I appreciate all your comments and +1's. 

The theme I've chosen  for this week's post is different to what I normally publish just because it was really fun to write (not that my other posts aren't fun to type)and because it was kind of nice to blog about a different asset  of baking... So here is the list of my best baking books...ever!

First best baking book on the list for me is "Perfect Cake Decorating". I absolutely adore this book because of the AMAZING
photography of all the prettily decorated cakes,brilliant baking advice,tips and instructions-it's just the perfect book tailored
for both amateur and professional bakers. 

(I apologize for the quality of these pictures, my phone camera quality wasn't at its best).

The second best ever baking book on my list is "Hummingbird Bakery-Cupcakes and Muffins"

I personally find this book a favorite just because my first ever recipe post on BakingBoutique was from this book.The book includes pages of awesome recipes and professional pictures and also baking tips.

My third choice is "Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook". I don't necessarily have the book
because it's not available in my country. However, I have read a preview of the book on Amazon and just like her blog, it's brilliant. She has packed
some fantastic recipes from her blog into her cookbook. If you can, I recommend you to buy this book and use it!

My fourth choice more is a mix of crafts,activities and recipes. Despite this being more than just a recipe book, it's still a great book that I recommend to anyone who likes 
to craft and bake.

My favorite recipe from this book is "Skye's the limit Birthday Cake". It's a fruity,delicious bake that I hope to feature in one of my upcoming posts.

"Life is sweet" is another of the best baking books ever! 
 This baking book contains recipes for all sweet treats and was released around the same time last year.

Also on my list of best baking books ever is... "LOLA'S Forever: Recipes for cupcakes,cakes and slices." Just like Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook,this book isn't available in my country. Though, I did look at the preview and chose for this book to be on my list. I haven't actually heard of this author before and I've never seen her work.
However, I found the content of the book professional. The preview of the book revealed some creative and inventive cupcake recipes which I found quite interesting, cool and something I'll definitely like to try out.

My final selected baking book on my list is a fictional book based on real-life situation and is about baking for love. The book's called "The Baking Life of Amelia Day" written by Vanessa Curtis. I absolutely   adore the book and when I read it for the first time, I could not put it down. Literally! To go with the plot of the story, the author has included recipes that the character had baked! I won't spoil the book for those who haven't read it's a touching story.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's post. Comment below on any awesome baking books that I haven't discovered and you'd like to share  or e-mail me a description of your favorite baking book to: .

Enjoy catching up with reading!

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