Monday 5 November 2018

Recipe Post 2018 N0.28- Brownies on Bonfire Night

I sit at my writing desk, a stack of decadent, gooey warm brownies toppled on one lap and my whopping big laptop on the other, helping myself to one delectable treat with a glass of water nearby(to balance out the richness). As I bite into the
fudge-like,oozy centre of the brownie bake, my mind drifts away to what I was doing in the kitchen in order to make this. "Whisk together the sugar and eggs..." " Add in the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder..." "Stir in the melted chocolate..." Simultaneously my mind is
intruded with a bang of fireworks, blazing up into the sky like rockets, erupting its jolly excitement for my baking posts on BakingBoutique. With this, I smile to myself, perch myself up the door ledge, outside and gaze up at the wondrous fireworks with a brownie and glass of water at hand....

Happy Bonfire Night luvs

#sweetreats xxx

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