Saturday 14 May 2016

Baking Post 2016 No.16- Baking Trends

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This week's post is most obviously evolved around baking. Baking is a very advanced skill, especially if you are planning to take it up as a livelihood and career choice. It has been verified into many different terms and perceptions that bakers nowadays are still learning and progressing.  But did
have you ever though baking as a member of the economical industry? Of course! When you walk down a popular street in London,for example, it is most likely you'll notice a bakery or cafe' that provide well known bakes such as pastries, bread, cakes and all sweet sugary things. Therefore, I have themed this post around this site called "Baking Infor" (link will be left at the end of this post) which base themselves around the baking industry and offer the latest news about baking.

I had found this site around a week ago and when I had, I were searching through national and international baking events and realized this week still is National Doughnut Day. Personally, I'm not a massive fan of doughnuts and I wouldn't crave to eat one at this very second because it's not the healthiest option. In fact, it's one of the unhealthiest sweet treat to be invented. This might be a completely different story for any of you who would die for a soft, sweet, oily doughnut. For those who would, I had made a collage that I had wanted to share on this blogpost but I wasn't able to as Blogger do not allow me to add features such as documents onto blogs. If however, you know how to add comments, PLEASE let me know!

Besides National Doughnut Day, I have very recently discovered there is a such thing as "Baking Industry Awards". Unfortunately, this award isn't invited to everyone. I find this quite unfair as it seems like a very interesting competition and award to enter for. Furthermore, here's what's Baking Infor has to say: 

"The Baking Industry Awards offers the perfect opportunity for you to gain industry-wide recognition for your business and your employees. Bakery professionals from across the UK enter year on year in the hope of winning one of the industry's most prestigious accolades."

This competition has 10 categories. These are:

-Baker of the year
-Baker Manufacturer of the year
-Celebration Cake Business of the year
-Free-from bakery product of the year
-In-store bakery retailer of the year
-Specialty Bread product of the year
-The craft business award
-The customer focus award
-Outstanding Contribution to the Baking Industry
-The Rising Star Award

I don't know whether you can tell or not but these awards and honors are very adulty. Due to this, I changed up the awards a little for teen bakers my age and upwards...

-Best baker of 2016
-Baker's greatest cake award
-Most hard-working baker
-Most dedicated baker
-The greatest quantity of mature baking
- The most popular recipe
-Very diligent baker
- The most improved baker
-The most enthusiastic
- The Rising Star
And finally the most creative baker!

What do you guys think? Would you change anything about y variation? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all for this week! 

Before this post ends....

  • Who likes Zoe's new vid? 

  • This time, my favorite song that I'm constantly listening to is "Prince-Purple Rain". Prince had made a huge impact to  music and today's society with his soul music. R.I.P Prince!

  • My fellow blogging friend, BeautyBe Blogger has published a new post which is a quiz!  Please go and check it out-she's put in ALOT of effort 

  • My friend at school mentioned to me about adding labels to my blogs. Therefore, I will start to add labels from next week's post.

  • Question of the week: What awards or titles would you hand out at the Baking Industry Awards?

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  • Hope you've had a great week and have an awesome weekend- see ya!

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  1. I like the song "Purple Rain" too and I really miss Prince and his music style.

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