Saturday 21 May 2016

Baking Post No.17- Recipes I've liked throughout May!

Hiya everyone!

I'm back this week with a variety of recipes and pictures that I have spotted via Pinterest and online. I hope you devour these sweet, tasty recipes as well as enjoy them too!

The first recipe I've decided to feature within this post is my own shared recipe- Yummy Chocolate Cookies. Ever since I mad them two weeks ago, I haven't stop raving about how chocolaty and delectably they actually are. For those who haven't checked out this recipe, I'll leave a link at the end if you would like to take a quick peek.

I also wanted to reveal a recipe I had detected from a magazine site (link shall be at the end). The name of the recipe is GORP
which stands for "Good Ol' raisins and peanuts". Although I cannot eat this as I have braces and people with braces simply cannot eat an whole peanut of a slice peanut, it sounds and looks glorious as I yearn not to have metal stuck to my crooked teeth!   

Another recipe I'd recommend for you is super-healthy, super easy and to try and taste. Oh yes!
Moroccan Orange and Cardamon Cake. I suppose it's one of those cakes that you maybe seen on TV once or twice but have never tried it unless you know a pastry chef who specializes  in those specific cakes. If any of you are willing to give it a go,  a link shall be left below.

My final two recipes that have caught my eye this May is from the same site and blogger who I have definitely mentioned in
one of my previous baking posts. One of them are Snicker Cupcakes. Snickers are not one of my absolutely fave chocolate bars. In fact, I largely dislike them. However, it's cool how they can be transported into one cupcake. My second  showstopper recipe is Chocolate Cookies. I did attempt to make these at some point when I were TERRIBLE at baking and  they failed massively.

Now it's on to my favorite baking images. There are a couple on my Pinterest which I will leave a link to. Though, I have discovered numerous images via Google Images...

These are all my favorites of May 2016! What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Before it ends for this week...

 💗  Mr Kipling are launching limited edition fancies which consist of the flavors " Strawberry  and Cream" and "Cocktail".

💗 Who watches Royal Crush on Awesomeness TV?

💗 Favorite ART piece of this week is above.

💗 Has anyone listened to "No Money" by Galantis?

💗 Next week, I shall be posting a recipe! Yay!

💗 Currently, I've been loving Muller's new flavoured yoghurt" Greek Style Lemon". 


💗 I also have been having "NutriBix" as. "healthy,energized breakfast" which is gluten-free and
suitable for vegetarians followed by Twinnings "Awake" Herbal Tea.

💗Website for GORP click here!

💗 For my Pinterest account click here

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

#sweetreats xx 



  1. these all look amazing!xx

  2. Nice post, the chocolate cookies sound delish!

    Stella xx

  3. My stomach is literally grumbling.