Monday 26 December 2016

Reason for my absence over the past week

Hi guys!

First up, thanks for watching my very short-termed take on Festimas. As you know already, I very much appreciate it and to show my appreciation for your visit to my blog, I shall follow your blog in return. Just leave the links of your  blogs below in order for me to follow.

Secondly, this post is reason for my absence over the past week and why I haven't exactly replied to comments or commented on fellow bloggers' posts. This is due to a family vacation away. I journeyed abroad on a Eastern Caribbean Cruise for a week with both my parents, exploring the small,tropical islands of the Caribbean such as Aruba, Bonaire, Grenada and so forth. Just to inform you that I did contact BBB, notifying her of my absence which is why SHE hasn't proceeded her side of Blogmas as it was  a joint collaboration. But fear not, everything will be back to normal by the New Year and the conclusion of BBB's and my Blogmas shall commence on Wednesday.😊😊 Until then Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

#sweetreats xxx

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