Saturday 6 May 2017

Recipe Post 2017 N0.7- Apricot Butter Cake

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To lay the following off my chest, I apologise for the terrible quality of last post's photos. Unfortunately, I could not find  the opportunity to edit and clean up last week's post. Therefore I give my sincerest apologises.

Jumping right into this week's post, the inspiration behind this post was simply baking a creation, requiring ingredients which you have at home or in the kitchen as well as being cheap to buy. Besides, who doesn't enjoy an apricot treat during the gradual change from Spring to Summer?😊😄

In order to concoct this butter cake, you'll need:

150ml of milk

tsp of vanilla extract

225g  of caster sugar

3 eggs

260g of self-raising flour

110g of butter

350g of apricots

As for the topping:

25g of butter,melted

3tbsp of light brown sugar

3 rounded tbsp of toasted flaked almonds.


As per-usual, pre-heat the oven to 160C/140C fan/Gas Mark 3. Grease a 23cm deep-cake tin(preferably with butter),lining with baking parchment/silicone parchment.

(Yes we're going to make the topping first) Mix the topping ingredients,spreading over the base of the tin.

Combine together the milk+vanilla together. Pour the sugar and eggs into a large bowl,whisking with a hand electric mixer until the mixture is thick, pale, increased in volume. I'd recommend whisking for approximately 5 minutes.

tip* Test if it's ready by lifting the whisk blades, briefly leaving a trail.

Add one-third of the flour and whisk slowly to incorporate, afterwards one-third of milk, mixing again. Repeat the above steps twice more until all ingredients are used up.

Eventually, slowly whisk the melted butter. Halve and stone the apricots . Place this(cut side down)in the base of the tin. Pour the cake batter over the top. Slide your prepped cake into the oven,bake for 1hr/1hr 25 minutes until the cake is firm to touch, springing back with lightly pressed.

Finally, cool the cake in the tin for around 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, carefully remove the cake from the tin, peeling off the lining paper and serving warm or perhaps cold.

There you have it-my attempt for an apricot butter cake!



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  1. this looks so delish and congraats on your Piano exam xo

    1. Thanks so much and yes it was very much delicious.😝😁 I appreciate your comment!😘😊

      #sweetreats xx

  2. This looks amazing! Congrats on your exam!

    Darriyan xx