Saturday 27 January 2018

Post N0.3- Collaborations for 2018!!πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

What you say, amigos!

As it happens, this week's post establishes the concept of 
~πŸ’₯COLLABORATIONS~πŸ’₯.  Before long, I wrote a post on my initial plans for 2018 and how I,for one would like to embark on more collaborations with unfamiliar bloggers.

I would like to instigate different collaborators onto BakingBoutique for several reasons. I feel I'm in the need of new bloggers with a radical and innovative writing style and different ideas. Besides, I feel like the idea of collaborating is exciting. You uncover hidden interests and enthusiasm by branching out and interacting more. To me collaborating is an excellent way of doing so. Actually, I have collaborated with fellow bloggers in the past and I discerned the experience to be rather amusing and...congenial. This being the case, 2018 also happens to be one of the most high-priority years of school. In addition to being on top of BakingBoutique, I would like to be on top of my workload at school too. Personally, I think of collaboration very much as two for one. I get to connect with different people through a shared passion of blogging and my workload is helped. Fills two needs with one deed😁😊

What am I looking for in a potential collaborator?

Bloggers who are inexperienced,amateur or fairly new to the blogging community,have free time and minor commitments (the last thing I want to do is collaborate with someone who has a massive exam coming up,a competition for a leisure activity or preparing for GCSEs, for example). You don't have to be a SPECIFIC type of blogger or a specific age.

What type of posts would I like to collaborate with?

In case you're unaware, BakingBoutique is a food- related blog (usually sweet treats),baking,etc. I like to obtain the subject of my blog as much as possible. My most off-topic posts includes award tags such as the Liebester Award,The Mystery Blogger Award,etc. However, I don't want you to feel limited on topics to write. If anything, I'd advise you to get inventive. Perhaps you could compose a post in the day of the life of you(inc. pictures if you'd like), a favorites post, a tag of your own or one I haven't taken part in, an introductory post referring to your own blog;ANYTHING so long as it's not too off the topic . In case there's any elements I haven't touched on or unsure on, let me know in the comments below or send an email to me - I'll link my email at the end.

When would I like collaborators?

As presented in my 'Plans for 2018' post, my raison d'etre  is consistency alongside producing posts I'm TRULY satisfied with. But with "serious season" fast-approaching, I'm apprehensive of whether I can uphold this. To answer the question, my peak period presumably runs between the week beginning: 29th of January up until the 10th of February. If,for any reason, this period extends or lessens, I will let you know. Obviously, I'd opt for bloggers which are available during this precise period of time.  Nonetheless, anytime during the year is viable.😊

What day should I post?

If you're unaware of my usual posting days, I post once a week,  in the evening as I tend to bake during the day, on Saturdays.

And lastly, why should I collaborate with BakingBoutique?

I'd like to think BakingBoutique is a convivial, original platform where I can share my undeniable passion of baking and learn good and bad from blogging. Why you should fraternize with me? Well perhaps, you're also looking for pristine, new bloggers, or feel 2018 is the year for taking any good opportunity given. Perhaps you'd would also like to share a recipe or an experience ? Or maybe you'd like some publicity for your own blog, you feel you're rather unrecognized and you'd like that to change. IF so, do contact me or let me know in the comments. I'll be happy to hear from you.

Before you go...

Here's my email for further inquiries regarding this post or general questions:

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Mum's birthday in 3 days!πŸŽ‰πŸƒžπŸŽŠ

See you soon x Look forward to hear from interested bloggers!!

#sweetreats xxx


  1. Interesting post dear! Follow for follow? Let me know

    1. Why,thank you Darling😊 I would be delighted to follow you.πŸ˜„

      #sweetreats xx

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  3. hey Sweettreats! I'm not sure if you remember me or not from A little Inkling but this is my new collaborative blog Smoke And Ashes :) Anyway this is a cool post and I have been keeping up with your blog just having no account to comment with! looking forwards to talking with you again,
    Alex (skye)

    1. Aw!! Hiya! I've missed your blog so much. Occasionally (at least once a month) I would tune into Little Inkling but there wouldn't be any recent posts and I was slightly puzzled as to why it was. Thanks for your comment and I will be in contact.😊

      #sweetreats xx

  4. No problem. Your blog's really nice.😊 Thanks for commentingπŸ˜€

    #sweetreats xx