Saturday 5 March 2016

Post No.6- The Liebster Award!

Hiya everyone!

This week's recipe post on BakingBoutique was actually going to be mini almond and cherry loaves. However, I have recently discovered  that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! I was super-happy when I found a comment under last week's recipe saying I was nominated! 

For anyone who doesn't know what the Liebster Award is, it's basically exploring bloggers who have less than 1,000 page views and aren't well-known. I personally feel this is a great opportunity for anyone to share their blogs with other bloggers. Without further ado, I am going to answer 11 questions that were chosen for me and two other nominees for TLA.

My first question was: What is your favorite food?

My favorite food would definitely be pizza(I surprisingly had a spicy chicken pizza yesterday-it was delish). Even though they're not the

healthiest food, pizzas are really tasty and perfect for picnics,parties and just chillin' with friends. 

The second question was: What place are you most happy in?

I have two places that make me happy. One is when I'm in my kitchen,baking. I feel the kitchen is just a safe, relaxed place for me to do what I love to do and because of that it makes me super-happy. Another place that makes me happy is a park near
to where I live.When you're in the park really early in the morning, it's so beautiful and serene and a amazing place to be active and also enjoy.

The third question I was asked was: Why did I start bloging?

I decided to start a blog because I wanted to try something new. I wanted to see what I could learn from the experience of sharing what I do with the world. And I can say that I've certainly learnt a lot and discovered other bloggers too. Blogging is just one of many things that make me smile and makes me think "Oooh I can't wait to publish this post". Even if not many people view your blog, it's still a great thing how you can blog your emotions, hobbies,thoughts and wonders with the world confidently.

The fourth question was: What do I  love most about my country?

In England, the weather may not be as tropical or sunny as the Caribbean (where my descent is originated). However, it is still a beautiful place and has a lot to love about it. There are many parks, attractions, views to admire and even a couple of seasides and beaches and there just so much to see, take pictures of and try out. It's truly wonderful.

My fifth question was: If I was a superhero, what power would I have?

If I was a superhero, I would like to have the power to fix any disasters that happen in the kitchen whilst baking. At times when a bake has not gone to plan, sometimes I wished I had powers to change that. Otherwise, I would like to have the power to control nature.

The sixth question was: What is my favorite type of holiday?

Mine would be a gorgeous,sunny day at the beach, reading a book with sunglasses, listening to music on my iPhone and taking a dip in the sea! I adore hot weather!

My seventh question was: What phone do I have?

I actually have two phones (a little greedy). I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and an iPhone 5. Although I'm happy with both my phones, I would like to trade my Samsung phone off for the next upgrade.

The eighth question is one that I've been asked before- if I were an animal, what would I be and why?

I answered that I would be a cross between a giraffe and an elephant. I say this because a giraffe is tall, original and quite gracefully(like me) but then an elephant have large feet ,is very loud and majestic. I'm not exactly majestic but I do have LONG feet and I am pretty loud. Therefore, putting the two animals together reflects my personality greatly. I'd be a Giraphant!

The ninth question was: Do I have a crush on  anyone particular? crush would actors Jaden Smith or Rahart Adams. Both are good-looking, really funny and are awesome at acting.

My tenth question was: Do I have a favorite social media site?

I've recently signed up to Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE it. I've pinned so many pictures on Pinterest that I can't even keep count. One day, I'LL post some pictures for others to pin. Though it'll never be as much as I have pinned. Another favorite social media site of mine is Tumblr. It has loads of super-cute and pretty pictures. Those are my favorite social medias. However, I'm hoping to free up some eternal space on my Samsung so I can download Snap Chat.

My final question was: What is  your favorite film(s)?

About a month ago I never had a favorite film. But now my favorite film has to be Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn Part Two. It may be an old film but I am a fan of romance and supernatural beings.

Those are all the questions! I would like to say a very big thank you to Stella (a.k.a onegirlblogger) who nominated me and anyone else who reads my blog.

The bloggers I have nominated for TLAs is: booandkisses(,

Abby-Louise ( & El the Bookworm (, (, and mypastelblog (

The 11 questions I have for these AMAZING bloggers are:
1.If you could be the Queen of your country for the day, what would you do?
2.What is your favorite blog post and why ; it can be one from your blog or somebody else's e.g: Zoe's 3 way Pancake Recipe is my favorite blog post because it has some AMAZING serving suggestions.
3. What would be your dream location and why?
4.What/who/where do you get your inspiration from?
5. If you had never started blogging, what would you have got into?
6.Why do you think you deserve to win TLAs?
7.Has blogging always been a part of your life?
8.What is your favorite outfit?
9.Who is  your celebrity crush?
10.Who is your favorite blogger (if you have one)? 
11. What is your favorite book/movie and why?

I hope you've all enjoyed this week's post. I will get back to the usual posting next week. Please comment or +1 if you liked today's post or any of the bloggers I've mentioned. If any of you would like to take part in the Liebster Awards, go to their blog: .

But for now... keep baking!

#sweetreats xxx 


  1. I really this blog post. This really gives me an good idea for what I am going to do for my Liebster blog post-I was nominated by Stella (thank you very much)!

    BBB xxx

  2. Oooh! This looks really interesting! I can't wait to see how the bloggers you've nominated have answered your questions!

    Ps: I'm going to start a blog based on high-street fashion soon . So watch this space!

    MissFF x

  3. Aww I loved all of your answers! <3

    Stella xx

  4. Thanks so much for the kind comments- I really appreciate it!😊😊😀😀😀😊

    PS: And I definetly cannot wait to see your blog, MissFF!

    #sweetreats xxx

  5. I've done this tag as well, it's so much fun! Your answers were really interesting :) Great post! | Acqua xx