Saturday 10 December 2016

Festimas Post No.1- 15 days 'till Christmas!

Hiya guys!

Welcome to my own twist on Blogmas. Below are a few things my "festimas" posts shall bring throughout December.

  • I'll be posting twice a week ( Saturday AND Sunday)
  • This year's festimas includes a collaboration with my best blogger friend, BeautyBe Blogger!

I'm really excited of what I have to display on BakingBoutique, with the help of BeautyBe Blogger. 

This time, BeautyBe Blogger and I are working together from each another's personal computers. After summing up numerous ideas, cutting and pasting, we've come to a conclusion of planning a Christmas Party, with inspiration from our last collaboration "Picnic Party", which had been a massive hit for her and I. However, we have altered the rules:
  • We're working together with every task
  • We'll be posting each other's side of the collaboration at the same time.
  • We are also accepting suggestions from our followers/readers
Without further ado, here's the first piece!

Christmas Playlist

A Christmas Party cannot be such a thing without the music to bring the festivity and celebration back into Christmas. Below are several Christmassy songs, selected between BeautyBe Blogger and I:

Mariah Carey- All I want for Christmas Is You

Fifth Harmony- All I Want For Christmas Is You

Ariana Grande- Santa Tell Me

Katy Perry- Every Day Is a Holiday

Chris Brown- This Christmas

Rihanna-I Just Don't Feel Like It's Christmas Without You

Justin Bieber- Mistletoe

Sam Smith-Have Yourself a Little Merry Christmas

12 Days Of Christmas

Top 5 Christmas Films

Having films during a loud, bash party is unheard of. However, Christmas wouldn't be the same if one Christmas film hadn't been watched:


Bad Santa

Happy Christmas

Office Christmas Party(available at local cinemas)

Polar Express

A Royal Christmas

Christmas Decoration Ideas

The best way to find inspiration for any seasonal parties are Pinterest. Below are a few ideas of our theme:


Finally, the finishing touch to this first part of prepping is of course entertainment. Obviously the Christmas films and music cover the entertainment needs of the party but if you are in any way unable to supply music or watch a film, then providing your own entertainment is the next step.
SnapChat- Just by recording or snapping shots of your friends and you acting silly or pulling funny faces in a form of entertainment.

Spin The Dare- Dramatics, stimulation and hilarious

The Mummy- The funniest game I've ever played and a game worth posting on your Story.    

Taste The Rainbow

Cake Wars (the result of this is a VERY messy bedroom).

Before this post ends...

Head over to BBB's side of our collaboration by clicking here!

Loving Shane Dawson's videos, Cupcake Jemma's and SuperGirl!

Favourite image from December so far:

Isn't that beautiful??

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Au revoir!

#sweetreats xxx 


  1. Chris Brown has an xmas song?Well better check that out soon then :D Loved all these ideas by the way! x

  2. Thank you! And yes he has but it's an old one, back like 5 years ago.

    #sweetreats xxx