Saturday 3 December 2016

Baking Post N0.37- It's #sweetreats birthday!

Hey everyone!

First of,thanks for your comments last week,even though I hadn't gotten round to uploading the ending results. 

So today is particularly a special day. Why would that be? Well, it's the third day of December, second video from Zoella's 24 Days Of Christmas AND,as a matter of fact, my birthday. And I thought what better way to celebrate is share it on my worldwide blog.😊😊😊. 

As celebration of this day, I actually whipped up around a batch of 20 funfetti cupcakes, took them into school and shared them out with everyone. 

So that is what I shall be sharing with you today. In order to make these super fun,colourful,sprinkled obsessed cupcakes, you'll need:

•125g of caster sugar

•125g of self raising flour, sifted

• 2 large,free range eggs

•125g if unsalted butter,at room temp

•1/4 tsp of bicarbonate of soda

1 1/2tbsps of milk

•1/4tsp of vanilla extract

Note: Bare in mind, this actually is a recipe for plain vanilla cupcakes so the recipe can be varied.

As for the delicious vanilla buttercream, you'll need:

•250g of icing sugar,sifted

•80g of unsalted butter, at room temp

• 2 tablespoons of whole milk

• 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract


As always,pre-heat your ovens to 170°C/160 fan/ Gas Mark 3.

There were two ways of doing this recipe. One method would've been creaming the butter and sugar together, gradually add in the other ingredient,until well combined.

But the other is to simply combine all your ingredients together, except the sprinkles, either with a freestanding of handheld mixer or by hand. Of COURSE I opted for a handheld mixer.😁 Once well combined, you want to add in your sprinkles, which I'd personally advise to put the entire lot of sprinkles in there, if you actually want to see them in the cupcake.

Once visible in the cupcake batter, fill your cupcakes cases using an ice cream scoop or 3/4 of the way full,not that I know how much that is. Wish them luck before placing in the oven to bake for 20 minutes.

Once you believe their done, transfer the tray of cupcakes onto a cooling rack to cool. In the meantime, you'll want to make the extraordinary icing to go on top.

Start by beating the butter for 5 minutes on medium-high speed. After your five minutes, gradually add large tablespoonfuls of icing sugar to the butter, starting on a slow speed and gradually getting faster. Once you've added all your icing sugar, the icing is a little too thick of consistency.

Therefore, mix the milk and vanilla in a separate cup and gradually pour the milk in between mixing. Once the milk's been incorporated, turn the mixer up to high speed for five minutes. The longer you beat, the more light and fluffy it is. 

This recipe isn't finished yet! Pipe on the buttercream icing in any way you like(I just went for a star "blob"),ensuring the icing COMPLETELY cool. To finish off, sprinkle further sprinkles. And Volia! It was a big hit with my friends as they ate it,craving for another one.


Buttercream icing


Birthday Snaps:


Before this post ends...

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• Happy Birthday to those who have have a birthday or a due to have one anytime soon!😤😝😜🎊🎉🎈🎈

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• I have now released last week's recipe photographs onto last week's post. If any of you were interested to see the ending result, click here. 

• I actually found enjoyment, configuring labels for this post, out of interest.

That's all from me! I'm off to celebrate! Later! xx

#sweetreats xxx                                                                                                


  1. Happy birthday! These look yummy, I'll definietly make funfetti cupcakes next!

    Stella xx

  2. Thank you! I really enjoyed making these cupcakes as they seemed to be a great way to celebrate!

    #sweetreats xx

  3. These look so yum! Hope you had a good birthday hun! xx

  4. Thank you! I enjoyed my birthday very much.

    #sweetreats xxx

  5. It's a little bit late but happy birthday! I love your blog so much and these cupcakes look amazing!
    Love Adry

  6. Thank you Adry!😊😊 I'm glad you like my blog and it's not late- a birthday lasts a year. 😊😊


  7. Hope you had a lovely birthday xx